12 August 2019

What homebuyers regret

Although most people are happy that they made their move, some buyers admit to having made the wrong choice. Regrets include being too far from friends and family, compromising on location, finding the neighbours a problem, choosing the wrong-sized property and discovering that their new home had hidden and expensive-to-fix problems when they moved in. […]

7 August 2019

How much of your home do you own?

  Although you may have purchased a property, how much of it do you actually own right now? It’s estimated that at point of purchase the average UK buyer in effect, owns the equivalent of the kitchen and a bathroom. Thinking of moving? If you’re contemplating your next house move, then you’ll need to work […]

5 August 2019

Should you remortgage?

Over the last few years, we’ve all got used to shopping around for the best prices available on major household bills such as energy supplies and it makes sense to adopt the same approach when it comes to your mortgage.   Reaching the end of your deal When your fixed-rate deal ends, your lender automatically […]

29 July 2019


If you’re looking ahead to your retirement, the good news is that nowadays there are more choices open to you than ever before. However, recent research7 shows that many retirees may not be exploring these options and aren’t shopping around at retirement, selecting instead to take the annuity or drawdown facility offered to them by […]

29 July 2019

Gifting money for a deposit – what you need to know

Parents and grandparents keen to help their offspring get onto the housing ladder are increasingly helping them out with the money they need for their deposit. This can help reduce Inheritance Tax (IHT) too, but you need to be aware of the rules. Everyone has a yearly ‘gift’ allowance for IHT and can give away […]

22 July 2019

Transfers of wealth – who gets what

Data from the Office for National Statistics5 show that various patterns are emerging in how wealth is transferred down the generations. Unsurprisingly, gifts and loans are more commonly made to those aged 25–34, with 11% in this age bracket receiving more than £500 during the previous two years, with the average across all age groups being […]

15 July 2019

How can you pay for a mortgage if you lose your income?

Losing your income can be a major financial upset. However, there are policies designed to protect your income in this situation, giving you valuable peace of mind. Income protection These policies are designed to replace a proportion of your income should you be unable to work due to an accident or illness. You can also […]

15 July 2019

Celebrating 20 years of the ISA

The Individual Savings Account (ISA) was launched on 6th April 1999 and it hasn’t looked back. Today it’s estimated that 42% of adults hold one, which is hardly surprising considering how simple and tax-efficient they are. When the ISA was launched, the annual allowance was £7,000 and it has risen steadily over the years. In […]

15 July 2019

In the news

ARE ‘SLASHIES’ THE FUTURE OF WORK? A study by the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed1 reports that more than 320,000 self-employed people in the UK have two or more jobs. The term used to describe this is ‘slashie’, as in “I’m a writer/dog-walker/gardener”. AUTO-ENROLMENT BENEFITTING THOSE IN SMALLER FIRMS The government reports that […]

8 July 2019

In The News

75% OF OVER-50s AREN’T SAVING FOR CARE New research3 shows that although 60% of those surveyed feared losing their savings and homes to pay for care fees, less than a quarter of adults aged over 50 are making any provision for later-life care. As people are living longer, it’s estimated that more than 143,000 older […]