29 November 2019

The UK’s lack of age friendly homes

Although new housing is appearing in towns and villages across the UK, it seems these estates are not including homes which appeal to the over-55s. The focus to date has been on building new homes for first-time buyers and families, but a swell in the numbers of elderly people looking to move to these out-of-city […]

13 November 2019

Accidental landlords could face a large tax bill

Earlier this year, the government announced plans to scrap two types of tax relief for landlords who sell a property that was once their home. Homeowners in these circumstances are often referred to as ‘accidental landlords’, as when they originally acquired the property it was not with the intention of letting it out. They may […]

5 November 2019

Improving Instead of Moving

The average time a homeowner in the UK stays in their property is 21 years*. This contrasts with the 1980s, when a fast-rising property market encouraged a move every eight years on average. Now though, high prices and Stamp Duty, combined with the other costs of moving, are encouraging us to stay put and spend […]