15 October 2019

Understanding the Value of Protection

Understanding the value of protection Working out the difference between life insurance, critical illness, income protection and buildings and contents insurance can be difficult, especially when they are wrapped up in the blanket term ‘protection’. While it’s easy to presume there is an overlap and that an individual policy for each one isn’t necessary, they […]

11 October 2019

Premium for top university city homes

The higher-than-average house price growth in top university cities is making it difficult for talented individuals to stay on and work locally after graduation. Research4 has shown that in the period 2009 to 2018 house prices in London have risen 76.3%, in Cambridge 73.4% and in Oxford 66.8%. This represents growth 25% higher than the national […]

11 October 2019

Too stressed to move home?

What’s putting you off moving? Setting aside a sluggish property market, it seems that, for many of us, it’s the thought that the process is just too stressful. The costs, finding a new mortgage, lack of certainty about a new area or a fear of the unknown has put off 60% of homeowners1 placing their current […]